What is React JS

React JS

In this article we will explain what is React JS. Basically React JS is an open-source front end JavaScript library, which is developed by Facebook in 2011. It was open-sourced in 2015. React JS is used to building complex and interactive UI (User Interface) for web & mobile applications. It follows the component based approach which helps in developing reusable UI components.

React is used to handle the view part of Mobile application and Web application. The good thing is that developers can simply create reusable UI components.

If you want to learn React, you should have the basic knowledge of following technologies.

  1.     HTML and CSS
  2.     JavaScript
  3.     JS specially with NPM
  4.     Webpack and babel (not mandatory)

React JS use virtual DOM and JSX. DOM stands for Document Object Model. Virtual DOM is a lihtweight Javascript object. Virtual DOM is in-memory representation of Real DOM. We will discuss about Virtual DOM in later.

JSX is a stands for JavaScript Syntax XML. It is basically integrates the HTML templates into the code of JavaScript. We can use React without JSX but JSX makes the React very easier and faster.

The heart of the React JS are components and state. The components is reusable piece of the UI and state are the javascript object which holds the value.

Features of React

  1. React JS based on the virtual DOM instead of the real DOM.
  2. It uses server-side rendering as well as client side.
  3. It follows uni-directional data flow or data binding.
  4. Free and Open Source.
  5. Use JSX instead of HTML.
  6. Use Components for re-usability.

Advantages of React

  1. It increases the application’s performance.
  2. It is used on client as well as server side.
  3. Because of JSX, code’s readability increases.
  4. React is easy to integrate with other frameworks like Meteor, Angular, etc.
  5. Uses virtual DOM which is JavaScript object which will improve apps performance.

Limitations of React

  1. React is just a library, not a full-blown framework.
  2. The main drawback of the ReactJS is the size of its library.
  3. It is very complex and creates a lot of confusion among the developers.
  4. Most developers don’t like the JSX and inline templating.
  5. It follow the View part from MVC i.e. only cover one layer of the app.

So in this article you learned what is React JS.

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